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Business Consultations

Your Business Feng Shui appointment includes:

Dialogue to Clarify Intention: Initial meeting with the administration to explain the Feng Shui process, answer any questions and discuss the vision of the company. Clarifying goals ensures that we are on the same page for our work together.

Site and Landscape Evaluation: To determine the surrounding area that affects your company and its success. Evaluating the approach to your business from an environmental standpoint will give you a new perspective about what you, your customers and your employees are “passing through” in order to arrive at your business.

Front Entrance Evaluation: Because the doorway is the mouth of Chi’ (vital force), it sends a profound message to the outside world. Business entrances should be resolute in their welcome, present a “solid front,” and invite the public to participate.

Work Space Evaluation: Assessment of offices, reception area, waiting room, break room, conference rooms, bathrooms and exam rooms (if included) for furniture placement, clutter, cleanliness and flow. Observation of lighting, corners, shelving, cabinets, electrical equipment and cords, ergonomics, chair quality, columns, beams and architectural anomalies. This phase includes a discussion with the occupant of each space to get their perceptions on the functionality of the space as it relates to their daily activities. Suggestions are made based on the needs of the areas and the occupants of those areas. Effectiveness and comfort are key components in recommendations.

Pathways Evaluation: As the arteries of the heart must stay clear, so must the pathways through a business structure. Pathways are connections. If they are too tight and cramped, they can produce “tight and rigid” behavior. If they are cluttered, they can produce the feeling of not enough time and space to carry on your business successfully.

Balancing Tour of the Five Elements: Observation of the components in your space and landscape from an organic point of view. How much Metal? How much Wood? How much Water? Is the blend of these elements beneficial and consistent with your intentions for your business? I will make specific recommendations to bring these universal energies into balance.

Five Elements

Applying the Bagua Map to Your Floor Plan: The Bagua Map is a holistic map of structure from the I Ching that identifies 9 specific areas of an environment, their locations, and the function of each one — Knowledge, Health, Wealth, Fame, Love, Creativity, People, Career and a Strong Core. This map is placed over your company’s floor plan to determine the location of each area in your unique space. Based on these locations, specific enhancements are suggested to “power up” areas and increase the energy in the workplace.

Bagua Chart

Reference Materials, Detailed Report & Summation Meeting: I provide reference materials and a detailed report to help you and your staff on your Feng Shui journey towards purposeful placement in your environment. My suggestions are customized to your unique situation, vision and budget. Sometimes it is as simple as moving one desk to another office and trading file cabinets. A trained Feng Shui practitioner has the eye for this and knows how to retool a space with creativity and balance.

Check-in Phone Calls: Keeping the communication open between us provides an avenue for a truly successful experience. Sharing your changes and asking new questions will keep your Feng Shui experience alive and thriving.

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