Powerful Placement • Powerful Presence

Workshops for Professional Groups

Workshop topics include:

  • Basic Feng Shui Principles and their Application to Residential and
    Business Environments
  • Basic Feng Shui Principles with Floor Plans (full day)
  • Fashion Feng Shui® — Personalized Elemental Style for Your Wardrobe
  • Feng Shui Spouse Programs for Business Conferences

Keynote Speaking

A Feng Shui keynote speech can be customized for your conference or retreat. You can also couple the speech with one of the workshops listed above.

Fashion Feng Shui® Consultations

Opening the Door to Your Essential Style: Fashion Feng Shui® is about identifying your true style based on your identity with one or more of the Five Elements. Once this has been established, textures and fabrics that embody the Five Elements are suggested for you so that your body is clothed in your essence. Your consultation includes resources that clarify which type of clothing is associated with each of the Five Elements of Feng Shui and serve as a personal reference for your unique style.

If you are committed to feeling good, learning about a whole new Essential Style, and discovering, accepting or renewing your authentic power, this experience is for you. Coming from a place of personal power will set the stage for you to move forward with grace and ease. I invite you to join me to learn how to mirror back to the world that you are creative, magnetic and impactful in your personal and business life.

Residential Consultations | Business Consultations

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