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Rave Reviews

“Ellen helped me transform an old house into a well-loved and beautiful home that is everything I could ever want... Feng Shui was the best investment in my happiness and health I could have made. It is a blessing to work with Ellen.”

“After Ellen applied Feng Shui to our new gallery, it felt warm and welcoming. Sales skyrocketed, and we had our best year ever.”

“The gentle approach, your flexibility and profound knowledge helped to make our home a place where I can both work and play with less fatigue and more focus. As I sit at the computer, the mirror facing me on the wall reminds me that small touches make enormous differences.”

“We integrated Feng Shui throughout our 18,000 square foot facility over the course of a year. Spending 8 to 10 hours a day in an office, each employee is reenergized with his/her personalized workspace. Visitors and customers take notice. The changes — “adjustments” — provided a short-term lift with long-term benefits such as greater enthusiasm, pride of office, ergonomics, cleanliness and overall improved team spirit. Relative to our annual revenue, the cost/benefit ratio of introducing Feng Shui has been money well spent.”

“Even if today, I took two steps backward, I would still be 48 more ahead than if I hadn’t worked with you. I am so happy that you created the particular container that you did. I see through a new set of eyes now. I am a different person. I didn’t realize how much I was not being me. Ellen assisted me in reclaiming my authentic voice. After two days, I left with clarity and a plan that was manageable and doable. I felt in charge, in control and empowered. I went home whole, put-together, and was able to bring this into my environment.”

“Ellen’s services were tremendously helpful with my business environment. Even some of the more skeptical staff were excited when they saw how Feng Shui helped create a more pleasant and organized work environment.”

“Your influence has done wonders for so many. I am so very grateful that you are in this community. You certainly do make it a more whole, conscious and loving place. All those you touch with your wisdom and presence take that awakening to all those they come into contact with, and on and on. Don't you just love it?”

Fashion Feng Shui®: “More than anything, I feel that you give me permission to be myself. Of course, the more I allow myself to be who I essentially am, rather than trying to be someone else, the more beautiful I become. So thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Fashion Feng Shui®: “Words cannot express my delight with the workshop. To say it was interesting and informative is an understatement! On some level, we inherently understand what works and what doesn’t; however, many of us really don’t know why. You took care of that for us!”

Fashion Feng Shui®: “Oh, how I enjoyed our session and shopping on Saturday. You’re such a fabulous professional with your understanding and presentation of your trade.”

“Thank you Ellen. Living the language is what you are doing. May we all be so able.”

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