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Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Power of the Pivot

Recently, I was writing in a local coffee-house.  Although I have arranged my home to shelter and inspire my muse, sometimes I need to change my writing space.  Becoming a writer has given me the gift of solitude as I search and excavate my mind for ideas.  That’s good.  But sometimes my environment distracts me […]


Courage on the Surface

One morning  I was pulling out of my driveway and I noticed a fresh green shoot of an agave plant that had made its way through the openings in the rock wall that held the roots of its mother. That burst of new energy held me there for a moment. I thought of the route […]


Shine a Light

Greetings! This blog,  A Home for your Muse, is written to inspire you and delight you. There are many definitions for a muse. The one most prevalent here is ” a guiding genius”.  Each of us has a genius within us that is asking to be utilized.  We change dramatically over time and our genius […]

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