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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Rice Pudding

This morning I am in the Honda Lounge waiting for my car to be serviced.  These moments, the ones where I settle in, undisturbed, and wait for my car to be repaired always seem to fill me with appreciation. Today, I am appreciating myself.  I brought rice pudding with me for a snack. I made […]


Breathing into Home

I was getting a massage the other day and about half way through, a thought sailed through my mind: This feels so good, it feels like home. I thought about that as the muscles in my body released and my limbs were stretched and all of my inner systems started to move and reacquaint themselves […]


One Perfect Thing

At this time each year, I buy the cooking magazines I love and make a special time to sit and enjoy them.  I read through them, make notations and then I cook all the things I dearly most love the way I always do.  But I love that I honor the timing of this one […]


Eyes Wide Open

Taking a magnifying glass to my life and getting it, really getting it, just the way it is, takes me deep into my reality and a power spot.  Yes, a power spot. Why, you might ask? Because seeing and knowing what is there without resistance is powerful.  Resistance and judgment hold hands and the handshake […]


More or Less

I love warehouse shopping; having enough chicken broth to last a good long time and enough apples to bake a pie, have a daily snack and add to salads serves me.  I love the plethora of choices and the bulk pricing.  The drawback is that I can accumulate a lot of leftovers and crowded shelf  […]

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