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How do you want to feel in 2023?

A few years ago, 5 of us got together to discuss how we could contribute to people feeling authentic in all walks of life: personal style, environments, astrological life paths and everyday choices that affect their ways of being.   We come to you, each of us, with an entire body of thought that we have […]


Crafting a Space for your New Now

I was doing public events in many venues in Tucson before the COVID epidemic. Since 2019, I have not done any in person trainings and teachings on site and have taught myself to master Zoom meetings and virtual presentations. That said, this conversation opens up the subject of how we have survived COVID, those of […]


Habitual Effort, More

Chinese Medicine Chest

My need to disrupt the constant unfolding of my kitchen cupboard onto the floor (See 10/8/16) led me to rethinking my medicine cabinet in my bathroom.  For a reason that I am clear made perfect sense at the time, I chose to put my cosmetics in my medicine cabinet. These are round containers, some with […]


P.S. This is how I did it

Mason Jar Chandelier

I moved the stored jars into the garage for future use. (I save jars, love storing things in glass and give them to my tribe for leftovers when we all have dinner together.  Not giving that one up.) I moved the bulky goods (Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Corn Chips, a must, and others […]


Habitual Effort


This morning I was getting ready to bake bread.  I reached for a bowl and all of the bowls fell out of my “too small” cupboard that was trying, in vain, to hold my bowls, aprons, drying towels and salad spinner.  This happens every time I have to get that large bowl on the bottom.  […]


Being in The Gap

There is beauty in The Gap; the place of In-Between. To be in The Gap requires stepping out of the known and predictable.  It is the descent into the Uncertain. The Uncertain always brings change. Below the Uncertain is your Depth.  And the answer is always in your Depth.  The Answer lies buried beneath your […]


Living in the Small, Designing the Big

Living in the Small…Designing the Big It is how we live in the Small that forms our relationship with the design of the Big. The Small is the place of longing.  It is the place  that has no lift-off. It is a resting place. A pause.  For some, it becomes the place. When occupants in […]


A Cool Breeze

About a week ago, I opened up my sliding glass door to pay attention to my plants and I felt something;  something familiar that had been elusive for a long time.  What was it? To my delight, I realized that it was a cool breeze.  Yes, having come through the second hottest summer on record […]


Rockin’ the DNA of your Space

With Labor Day around the corner, I can feel that I will have 3 days instead of 2, this weekend.  I used to love the national holidays when they fell on a Monday or Friday.  I’d pack up the car, get myself to a campground or beach and lay like broccoli and veg.  Right now, […]


When there is Less of You, there is More of You

When there is less of you, there is more of you.  Less pounds? You have created openings for expression you did not have before.  Less possessions?  You have created more room in your space  to fill with things you love or someone you love. Less social commitments?  You have created room for more contemplation and […]

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