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This morning I was getting ready to bake bread.  I reached for a bowl and all of the bowls fell out of my “too small” cupboard that was trying, in vain, to hold my bowls, aprons, drying towels and salad spinner.  This happens every time I have to get that large bowl on the bottom.  Otherwise, this looks like a perfectly orderly cupboard. The salad spinner sits inside the top bowl, the aprons are folded and to the side and the dish dryers folded neatly to the side.

Until, I need to get the bottom bowl out.

So, here is what is real.  Looking good does not necessarily represent order.  The truth is, I will have to remove the bowls to get the large bowl out; that’s ok. Easy-peasy.  To have all of the peripheral stuff fall out and on the floor now brings this situation to a new level: Chaos.

Right then and there, I found a different storage solution for the aprons, etc. and slipped the bowls back in.

Something that is not working, that you frequently visit everyday, can drain you and cost you energy.  A habit, a person, a conversation, that always has disarray attached to it, will never change until you do.

Zero tolerance for those things that can be prevented by putting in the correction is the key to ease.


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7 years ago

Oh Ellen! This so resonates with me… I am especially caught by this sentence: “Looking good does not necessarily represent order.” Boy howdy is that the TRUTH. I’m so glad you’re writing these again, as I have always, always enjoyed them. Best wishes to you, dear one. With much love, Sally

7 years ago
Reply to  Sally

HI Sally, and thanks! So good to see you there. Yes, there is a big confusion out there between organization and order. Order can look beautiful, but impractical. Organization practices should be based on individual use so if you organize it you can find it!

Pat Greer
Pat Greer
7 years ago

El, Loved your PS post — that’s the trick, finding other/better places to put all the STUFF!! Not always an easy fix. Hope you’re well. We just got back from a week up North, chilly mornings bundled up outside with coffee, all-day aroma of beef stew simmering (yes, I made it), cozy evening fires with a glass of wine — a great time. And the Fall color was at its peak, so beautiful. Knee is slowly getting better and fatigue is slightly improved. I’m being patient. Looking forward to a November trip to Tucson and hope we can do our usual North-at-noon. Soon, Pat

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7 years ago

Thank you El. As you know for the past 8 months I have been “in between spaces” and order and orderliness are both a struggle. I find that I employ the PS part often.

Donna Reed
7 years ago

This is SOOOO good! I have a similar challenge and definitely similar frustrations. One day, I had enough. I jerked everything out. By changing the space for only a few pieces I created easy access to the things I need frequently, peace of mind and a working solution to the whole thing. Ahhh, life is good!!

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On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 10:30 AM, A Home For Your Muse wrote:

> authorlady60 posted: “This morning I was getting ready to bake bread. I > reached for a bowl and all of the bowls fell out of my “too small” cupboard > that was trying, in vain, to hold my bowls, aprons, drying towels and salad > spinner. This happens every time I have to get that” >

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