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Monthly Archives: June 2011

New Path, New Shoes

Sometimes you have to change your shoes. As you walk on a new path know that your shoes are worn with the old path. The new path requires new shoes.  It is like flying at a different height.  The engine adjusts to the altitude.  Everything changes in order to support flight at a higher level. […]


Home is within You

I write about the home and the significance and power that personal space holds.  This has me thinking about many who are searching for physical surroundings that are safe and secure, alternatives to where they are today. And this leads me to the fact that home is within you. A house is a building; a […]


The Power in Gentle

The gentler I am, the more I can shape my  life. As I gently put things in place, they take their own shape and the result is balanced and right. I take my time. No rush. I allow my experiences to unravel and form a new path. It is like the curls on my head.  […]


When you change, change your space

I am currently making a home for my blog. Years ago, I made a home for my book. And before that, I made a home for my construction company, my family, my consulting business, my feng shui business and all along my history, I have rearranged my environment to make a home for my current […]


Lighten your Load

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to get out of my car to go into a local cafe, I looked into my briefcase to see if I could lighten my load.  I had left my home at 8:30 AM and did not expect to be home until 7:00 PM.  I had packed for a day […]


Stand in the Middle of it

Stand in the middle of it. No matter where you are in the process, look. Do a 360 degree turn and survey the whole situation.  Be willing to look at everything. It is not spinning. It is not twirling. It is getting a read on what is real for you.  It is the commitment to […]


The people who believe in you build you

The people who believe in you build you. Brick by brick Piece by piece Thought by thought Touch by touch They are always there, cushioning you through each phase in your life and providing a safe harbor for your hopes and dreams. The people who believe in you build you. Hands held, deep moist eyes […]


The World In-Between

There is a world in a tile.  In between the grout lies its history with all of its color, scratches and heart.  With each cleansing that it receives, there is renewal and a clean slate for the next phase of its life. Like the tile, we exist in between the edges of our boundaries.  Occasionally, […]

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