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The Power in Gentle

The gentler I am, the more I can shape my  life.

As I gently put things in place, they take their own shape and the result is balanced and right.

I take my time. No rush.

I allow my experiences to unravel and form a new path.

It is like the curls on my head.  If I force them  to take a certain shape, they lose their natural ability to form to my head and unfold,  just here, in a pattern of their own.  If I give them time, their ability to be a presence is unfettered and free.  If I respect them and trust them, they become more vivid and appealing in their own right.

Shaping and massaging change with a gentle hand provides a lasting impression on your history. It takes you into your future with a quiet strength and an enduring acceptance.

Shape gently, travel softly.


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Dillon Advisory Services -- Real-Life Business Solutions

This is poetry…beautiful, melodic and powerful all at the same time.

Terri Stark
Terri Stark
12 years ago

Cheers to a gentle shaping!

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