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Home is within You

I write about the home and the significance and power that personal space holds.  This has me thinking about many who are searching for physical surroundings that are safe and secure, alternatives to where they are today.

And this leads me to the fact that home is within you.

A house is a building; a structure that holds things and you.  A home is a feeling; a texture of emotions creating a fabric of  history over time. Where do these emotions originate?  Within you.

Think of your inner home with your desires as the decor, your commitments as the furniture, your will as the guardian at the gate.  The source of your thoughts, your incredible mind, guides you through the hallways of  possibilities. The rooms hold your wonderful ideas: your past, present and  future.

Your essential decor is composed of your values and your interior design holds your truth.

It is there forever.  It belongs to you.

It is within you.






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Chris Hazen Molina
13 years ago

Oh so true Ellen! It all begins from our home….inside! Thank you for your wisdom and subtle reinforcements of who I am…..always 🙂

Dale Dillon
13 years ago

I agree and love this perspective!

Terri Stark
Terri Stark
13 years ago

Yes! Fabulous reminder!

12 years ago

Beautifully written. Wise words that all of us need to occasionally re-read when we feel lost. Thank you for sharing, Princess Ellen.

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