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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Q-Tips and the Piano

One day, I was cleaning my piano and thinking. I was thinking about all of the work that I have done for myself and  others that has defined the distinction between holding on to something and cherishing something. This often comes into the process when I visit people in their environments, personal and professional, and […]


Gearing up for holiday bliss and the year’s end

Soon, we will become inundated with catalogues encouraging us to make choices for holiday-themed giving, eating and living.  The pictures will encapsulate perfect place settings, families around a fireplace with green things and sparkles; everyone will be smiling and the sense of abundance will be clear. There is a lot of encouragement to “get the […]


Making Space

Last week I was entering my grocery store and realized that I was feeling pushed out of the space.  A plethora of displays for Halloween with multitudes of candy and goblins were in my way as I maneuvered my cart towards the vegetables. I realized something. Each holiday season, as I frequent the hubs that […]

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