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Making Space

Last week I was entering my grocery store and realized that I was feeling pushed out of the space.  A plethora of displays for Halloween with multitudes of candy and goblins were in my way as I maneuvered my cart towards the vegetables. I realized something.

Each holiday season, as I frequent the hubs that supply me with my living needs, I start to walk differently, maneuver defensively, so that I can make it through the aisles.  The displays push into my familiar paths and I have to be more alert.  I start to want to frequent these establishments less and turn to online opportunities.  The parking lots change as well as the traffic flows and I feel like I just want to crawl inside myself. I feel that I need to shrink.  The more I shrink, the less I express.  The less I express or choose, the less there is of me and my convictions.

As the space around me changes, just for a time,  perhaps I need to make space for tolerance, for creativity, for better.   Perhaps my comfort zone needs some redefining during these times.   It is more than adjusting; it is creating a new reality within a defined space.

Changing patterns requires perseverance. Courage. Thought.

Making room for new paths requires a new map that encompasses a marvelous trek that is defined by commitment.

As I reframe this for myself, perhaps you will too.  As you walk through your personal familiar environments in the coming months, perhaps you will ask yourself as I will, ” What do I need to make space for in my life?”  Then, create the path to get there.

I will be along side you opening up to what is next and making space for celebrations.


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Kathy Hoyer
11 years ago

Beautifully said Ellen, The Holidays, it is a love / hate story that I definitely go through for so many reasons. I find that consciously becoming more fluid in my mind and actions allows me to maneuver it all much easier. Also to find the joy and humor in the moment…what ever it takes…so I connect on that level makes me happier.
love and light!

11 years ago
Reply to  Kathy Hoyer

Kathy, you have said it so well. Fluid is the key in both thoughts and actions. Thanks for the comment!

Dale Dillon Lips
11 years ago

You really captured my feelings as well — that I didn’t even realize I had. Those displays are like barriers. They are intrusive. I’ll be thinking about alternate places to shop today….

11 years ago

Great, Dale. Any way to access entries is important; in business and personally!

Sally Rogers
Sally Rogers
11 years ago

Dearest Ellen, I especially love this: ” ”What do I need to make space for in my life?” Then, create the path to get there.” What a wonderful reminder that it’s a 2-part process: quiet discernment, followed by creative action. Thank you!

lori severson
lori severson
11 years ago

Always love your observations Ellen, deep rich and right on! Add elections to the equation and I just want to shut down all incoming negative stimuli!!

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