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Monthly Archives: January 2012

A Beautiful Beyond

As January is coming to an end Chinese New Year begins and holds close the symbol of the dragon a magical, mystical beast that has the breath of fire. In Yoga, the breath of fire pumps the body to new possibilities and cleanses any stagnant energy. Let us all empty drawers empty thoughts purge criticisms […]


Wrinkled and Soft Around the Edge

I found a sweet potato in my pantry this morning.  It was wrinkled and soft around one edge, on its way to sweet potato heaven.  The other side was firm and ready to be enjoyed.  I thought, “What can I do with this sweet potato?” Then, I remembered the frozen turkey carcass from Thanksgiving.  Soup […]


Organizing Thought

Organizing your thoughts is just as important as organizing your things. The conversation about clutter is immense and yes, relevant.  Decluttering involves sifting and sorting through possessions. This overflows into your lifestyle of relationships, diet, work and habits. Think of putting flour into a sifter as you watch the lumps disappear and become a refined […]

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