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Monthly Archives: July 2011


The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word, gestating, is embryos. Babies. It’s true.  There is certainly a gestating process that occurs naturally in the birthing process. But gestating can be about seeding an idea.  You start to gestate when there is a connection within you that says, “This is my […]


Room for More

Organizing and decluttering share the same path.  Organizing originates in the need for a sense of order.  Decluttering stems from a desire to release and requires a concentrated effort to let go. Sometimes we can get carried away with organizing. Everything looks good, but there is still bulk and confusion. “Did I put this in […]


Full of Empty

There would be no Empty if there had been no Full. Sometimes full is uncomfortable, overwhelming, a blitz of activity.  Sometimes full is joyful and amazing. Then something happens.  The need to balance takes hold and either the fabulous full becomes less fabulous or the blitz slows way down to  nothing. Gone. That is where  […]


Unraveling and Unfolding

Years ago, we had a carpet in our family room that had a loose thread.  If you pulled on the thread, the rug would start to unravel in a perfect straight line up the seam.  I could see where this was going all the way to the end of the room. The rug was coming […]



Someone put gum on my mailbox.  It was strategically placed so that I had to touch it to open the box.  I had to work really hard to get it off.  It was hot and it wanted to stay.  I wanted it to go. It reminded me of sticky conversations.  Sometimes remarks in conversations stick.   […]



I buy puzzles. I do this for two reasons.  One is when I want to figure something out and cannot.  The other is when I want to glide through a situation with ease.  I fool myself into thinking that this is someone else’s challenge, the designer.  So, it is not personal and I am not […]



We reach our milestones alone. I was reminded of this as I watched Tom Hanks in The Terminal this weekend.  It is a story about a man who travels to New York City.  In the the airport he learns that his country is at war and has been taken over.  Suddenly, he has no country.  […]


Go back to where you were

The other day my husband came into our bedroom and started to laugh.  “I forgot why I came in here!” I said, “Go back to where you were.  That will help you remember why you are where you are.” Whenever I cannot find my keys or some essential part of my daily travel kit, I […]

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