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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Rockin’ the DNA of your Space

With Labor Day around the corner, I can feel that I will have 3 days instead of 2, this weekend.  I used to love the national holidays when they fell on a Monday or Friday.  I’d pack up the car, get myself to a campground or beach and lay like broccoli and veg.  Right now, […]


When there is Less of You, there is More of You

When there is less of you, there is more of you.  Less pounds? You have created openings for expression you did not have before.  Less possessions?  You have created more room in your space  to fill with things you love or someone you love. Less social commitments?  You have created room for more contemplation and […]


New Beginnings from Historical Certainty

We are never really starting over, are we?  Our do-over or new beginning stems from a rich history. I see this as  I trim my spider plants that always birth baby plants.  When I trim them off (the babies)  and give them a soak (the roots are there), they grow bigger and better than they […]


Everyone needs a Surface

Everyone needs a surface. This is the space that opens up creativity. When surfaces are cluttered and stacks of paper abound, pots and pans rule, unfinished projects are side by side and many opened containers of makeup, toothpaste, soap and Q-tips create a landscape, well, Genius is shut off.  The mind can only hold so […]


Direct Your Flow

Your space can be flexible like a rubber band that conforms to the shape it surrounds.  Your space surrounds you and all of your changes.  It expands and contracts with the changes you make. Are you facing an empty nest, shrinking staff, expansion of your nest and office, new opportunity, retirement? If you are losing […]


Shine a Light

On May 27, 2011, I launched this blog with a writing on Genius.  I find myself in August of 2016, writing and teaching about Genius. Welcome back to my blog!  I will be fine-tuning the graphics to be consistent with my web site in the next few weeks.  For now, I am republishing the first […]

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