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New Beginnings from Historical Certainty

We are never really starting over, are we?  Our do-over or new beginning stems from a rich history.

I see this as  I trim my spider plants that always birth baby plants.  When I trim them off (the babies)  and give them a soak (the roots are there), they grow bigger and better than they ever could have if they had stayed attached to the plant, their birth mother, their history.  They couldn’t do it without their source, but they sure can create a new story all on their own.  Then, they birth another and another.  And the cycle begins again.

Stay original.  Just give your original fresh starts.


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7 years ago

I loved this one Ellen! You have such a nice twist on putting words together. Stay original just give your original fresh starts. That IS what I am doing now. I love it!

7 years ago

Shivam, yes you are. It’s like giving your Original new clothes…for every phase of your life. Thanks!

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