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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Being Understood


The people who understand your struggle reach deep into your heart and pull out your courage. They listen and empathize and shower grace.  They are there.  No questions, just affirmative comments.  They remind you of who you are. And oh, when they do that, your spirit rises and you know right there that you are […]


Being in The Gap

There is beauty in The Gap; the place of In-Between. To be in The Gap requires stepping out of the known and predictable.  It is the descent into the Uncertain. The Uncertain always brings change. Below the Uncertain is your Depth.  And the answer is always in your Depth.  The Answer lies buried beneath your […]


Living in the Small, Designing the Big

Living in the Small…Designing the Big It is how we live in the Small that forms our relationship with the design of the Big. The Small is the place of longing.  It is the place  that has no lift-off. It is a resting place. A pause.  For some, it becomes the place. When occupants in […]


Thick Skin


Sometimes, I zest an orange for a cranberry bread and then put it in the refrigerator.  I always think I am going to remember, but I forget, and then it looks as if it cannot be revived until…I cut into it.  There, beneath that tough skin is a juicy, soft interior. I am thinking of […]


A Cool Breeze

About a week ago, I opened up my sliding glass door to pay attention to my plants and I felt something;  something familiar that had been elusive for a long time.  What was it? To my delight, I realized that it was a cool breeze.  Yes, having come through the second hottest summer on record […]

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