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Being in The Gap

There is beauty in The Gap; the place of In-Between.

To be in The Gap requires stepping out of the known and predictable.  It is the descent into the Uncertain. The Uncertain always brings change.

Below the Uncertain is your Depth.  And the answer is always in your Depth.  The Answer lies buried beneath your unexpressed knowing.  It has to be excavated in order to surface.  Once you get the answer, you begin the ascent into your Certain.  Your Certain, coupled with action, becomes the first step into your next phase. It provides the Exit from the Gap.

Being in The Gap is essential to Innovation.  It bears the fruit of Expansion.  And unleashes Freedom.


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7 years ago

Yes, this place of unknowing, newness, and perhaps discomfort is where growth lies. Journeying into that space takes courage and support.

7 years ago
Reply to  Devi

Very astute, Devi. Support is so important and this is imperative for stepping out of the gap. Thanks!

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