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Direct Your Flow

Your space can be flexible like a rubber band that conforms to the shape it surrounds.  Your space surrounds you and all of your changes.  It expands and contracts with the changes you make.

Are you facing an empty nest, shrinking staff, expansion of your nest and office, new opportunity, retirement? If you are losing weight, put your space on a diet.  Slim down areas that are congested and bulging with overflow.  Release your space and allow the new to enter.

If you are expanding your world, open up your space. Clean the windows for clear vision, move the furniture to reflect open paths of freedom.  Choose the direction of your personal flow, inside and out.

So, go ahead, dig in. Do it. Now. Then, smile at the rewards you internalize and the attraction that you create.  Those entering your world will arrive at a different container that is updated and true.  You.


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7 years ago

I love this writing and the metaphorical way we can pay attention to the changes we are making and include our environment in those changes. So happy you are blogging again.

7 years ago
Reply to  Shivam

Shivam! Always a pleasure to see you there; thank you for reaching out!

Kathy Hoyer
7 years ago

“Put your space on a diet” LOVE IT!!!
As always Ellen you are both poetic and to the point.
so much love…..

7 years ago

Hi Kathy, I had to think of a “picture” word to get my point across: I had a picture of a house with a cinched waist! It is an amazing fact that when belongings are slimmed down, the space follows. This is also true that when clutter is reduced, relationships honed and time honored and strategic, that individual worlds become more specific and true. Thanks, Kathy, for your comment

Donna M. Reed
7 years ago

I love your comment that our space can be flexible like a rubber band wrapping around our space to accommodate it. Donna Reed

7 years ago
Reply to  Donna M. Reed

HI Donna, thanks for your comment. I know that you can appreciate flexibility; you often lead with it! EL

Diana McBroom
Diana McBroom
7 years ago

Hello Ellen, Don and I recently mentioned you and wondered what you’re doing!! What a coincidence to then see this email and blog post!! Your website looks terrific as well as you!! We send best wishes, and love to you.

7 years ago
Reply to  Diana McBroom

Thank you Dianna, please email me directly as I would love to stay in touch. And thank you again, for subscribing to my blog. So wonderful to hear from you! Ellen

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