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Organizing and decluttering share the same path.  Organizing originates in the need for a sense of order.  Decluttering stems from a desire to release and requires a concentrated effort to let go.

Sometimes we can get carried away with organizing. Everything looks good, but there is still bulk and confusion. “Did I put this in order alphabetically or by subject?”   “Where did I put my files from 2010?”

Declutter first.  When you sort through your papers and possessions, you will touch your experiences. Decide if you want to retain those experiences.  How did you feel when you wore that shirt?  Does everything you have in your home reflect you?  Are those files holding information that makes a difference for you now?

This process will help you let go of a lot more than things.  All of the feelings associated with each item will surface and you will have the opportunity to absolve them.

Appreciate less.  It is a stepping stone to more.

Next, organize.  You will open yourself up to true completion.  You will have exercised discernment and coupled it with respect.  You will have trusted yourself to know what you want. You will have framed your organizing to have a lighter heart.

Go now.  Touch. Decide. Release. Organize.  Invigorate. Enjoy.

See what happens.


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