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The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word, gestating, is embryos. Babies. It’s true.  There is certainly a gestating process that occurs naturally in the birthing process.

But gestating can be about seeding an idea.  You start to gestate when there is a connection within you that says, “This is my idea.  I like this idea. This is a good idea.”  When you start feeding it, you have taken your idea to the next level; you have given it a womb. Nourishing it enhances its growth.

When I have ideas, I pay attention.  There are random thoughts that travel across the landscape of my mind; they are spontaneous and innocent.  They are naked and new. I give them power when I acknowledge them.  My unedited places of wisdom that couple with my imagination birth my ideas.  These ideas  pop! They wow! They are sexy, delicious, spontaneous and always possible.  I just have to give them permission to become. When I edit them, and fear moves in, oh, I have forgotten how adorable new ideas are.

Peruse the possibilities of your mind. Gestate your ideas.  Make gestation your beginning point; set a birth date.

Go.  (Oh boy, look out world, here we come! A legion of ideas, a plethora of wisdom, a newness of freshness and promise! Nothing can stop us, we are on the rise! ) 

This is your cheerleader speaking, your benevolent humble spectator, your grateful witness, your smiling partner that supports you in being all of you, everyday, always.


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