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I was cutting an onion yesterday and I was awed by the perfect symmetry in the natural folds of the peeled onion.

Lying on its side, the onion beckoned me to follow the narrowly spaced slightly raised folds and cut down. Then, the shape changed into  flattened translucent slices to then be chopped into tiny squares.  Right before me,  I had changed the onion from a whole to parts to mini-parts.

This made me think of life experiences.  I thought of the many vacations I had so carefully planned, only to have them take on a life of their own.  It is as if the vacation had a plan  and I was along for the ride.  Experiences unfold themselves in perfect symmetry and as we move through them, we have the opportunity to be creative and reshape them based on their twists and turns.  I know that we are conditioned to control and define our experiences, but like the onion, I am always awed at the design that is there and works on its own.  A door appears and unless we go through the door, we have no idea what is there.  A door is not just a door and an onion is not just an onion.

Simplicity is held together by an intricate back stage weave of life.

I am going to keep peeling onions, noticing the veins in my plants and the bobcats that come to hang out, birth and stay awhile in my back yard.  The symmetry of life is at my door and in my yard and my kitchen.  The cues in my experiences and the surprises that enter my life give me a whole new respect for symmetry and open me up to wonder.


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12 years ago

I love it, mama!

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