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We move so much more than things when we move.  We move experiences, we move love, we move our life. Monopoly games, Chutes and Ladders, photos, dishes, posters, art. We move.

When we move our bodies, it is the same. We move our life. We carry our life. Our life becomes mobile.

There is more.

When we move, we move our feelings, the thoughts behind the thoughts.  Everything gains new ground and then we settle.  It is how we settle that becomes the thing that matters.

Every time we take a courageous step in our lives, we move.

I have found that the organics of moving are always mirroring progress.  Finding a new location, packing up, unpacking and placing possessions is active.  It is when the mind gets tired, the feelings strong, too strong, that the progress slows. That is when it is time to pack or unpack a box so a direct result can be seen.

If you want to move and just can’t quite get the rhythm of your desired change, pack a box.  Whether your box is real or imagined, observe the opening and dive in with all of your necessary components.   I include trust, intention, commitment, courage, history with lessons learned, new vision, anticipation and freedom.  I can’t go anywhere without these.  They make my life work.

As you observe the box filled, you will know that you have taken a powerful step create a new environment. When you arrive at your destination, unpack the box of your precious contents.  Make sure they are placed in the right hands, the appropriate shelf, the open heart, the respected process.

Then, settle in.  Wear the cloak of change and start walking the new path of experience.  And trust, always trust, what you brought with you. Likewise, trust, always trust what you choose not to keep. Even if you have packed it, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be retained.  When you arrive at a new place geographically or within your destiny, you will be different.  The contents you chose at the beginning of the journey may have served you and now, no longer fit. Feel free to release them.

Outfit yourself for your new space. Give that interior design your respect.   Get ready to pack in all of the best.


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12 years ago

Oh how true your post is!

Kathy Hoyer
12 years ago

Thank you Ellen for this exercise in facilitating change in our life. I love the idea of packing a box with those things that are absolutely necessary for the next phase of your journey.
I have the perfect box and I am going to pack it today.

Also it is so good to have the reassurance that it is OK to release something after you have packed and moved it…I guess we can never completely know how we will feel and what the situation will be until we are there….and discover that we have changed in the process.

big hug to you!!! xox

Linda K. Wilson
Linda K. Wilson
12 years ago

Hi Ellen
Your “Moving” muse is perfect timing at the beginning of my sabbatical journey for de-cluttering, clearing out and stopping for awhile to ‘flow’ again. I visualize several boxes for this upcoming adventure I am about to start: a box for throwing out, giving away, thinking about, keeping and then re-thinking and reorganizing. Allowing the journey to unfold as it unfolds. In the dance of life, hugs, Linda

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