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Direct Your Flow

Your space can be flexible like a rubber band that conforms to the shape it surrounds.  Your space surrounds you and all of your changes.  It expands and contracts with the changes you make. Are you facing an empty nest, shrinking staff, expansion of your nest and office, new opportunity, retirement? If you are losing […]


Shine a Light

On May 27, 2011, I launched this blog with a writing on Genius.  I find myself in August of 2016, writing and teaching about Genius. Welcome back to my blog!  I will be fine-tuning the graphics to be consistent with my web site in the next few weeks.  For now, I am republishing the first […]


Q-Tips and the Piano

One day, I was cleaning my piano and thinking. I was thinking about all of the work that I have done for myself and  others that has defined the distinction between holding on to something and cherishing something. This often comes into the process when I visit people in their environments, personal and professional, and […]


Gearing up for holiday bliss and the year’s end

Soon, we will become inundated with catalogues encouraging us to make choices for holiday-themed giving, eating and living.  The pictures will encapsulate perfect place settings, families around a fireplace with green things and sparkles; everyone will be smiling and the sense of abundance will be clear. There is a lot of encouragement to “get the […]


Making Space

Last week I was entering my grocery store and realized that I was feeling pushed out of the space.  A plethora of displays for Halloween with multitudes of candy and goblins were in my way as I maneuvered my cart towards the vegetables. I realized something. Each holiday season, as I frequent the hubs that […]



We move so much more than things when we move.  We move experiences, we move love, we move our life. Monopoly games, Chutes and Ladders, photos, dishes, posters, art. We move. When we move our bodies, it is the same. We move our life. We carry our life. Our life becomes mobile. There is more. […]



You know when you bake a cake and it looks like it’s done but it’s really not?  Because right below the crisp top, it’s gooey. You discover this when you give it a little nudge with your finger. Now, the rest of it is okay even the part at the bottom that sits against the […]



Sometimes to stay in our flow, we need to stop.  I have done just  that over these last two months as you have witnessed by my sparse posts.  I wanted to let you know that I am once again in the stream, creating flow and becoming flow with new eyes and intentions.  You will be […]


Spilling the Rice

This morning I spilled a bag of rice.  I had bagged it myself at the local health food store and to my surprise, the twisty tie was not secured. This is how it went.  Rice spilling out  and landing on the pantry floor and on the shelf that had been its home and me saying […]


The Other Side of Close

The other side of Close is Apart, the place where we go to dissect things, to be alone, to think, to ponder, to protect. It is a place where we are solitary, where we are trying to source how to be near. Nearer, perhaps, to ourselves, in our own right, in our own clothes. Apart […]

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