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More or Less

I love warehouse shopping; having enough chicken broth to last a good long time and enough apples to bake a pie, have a daily snack and add to salads serves me.  I love the plethora of choices and the bulk pricing.  The drawback is that I can accumulate a lot of leftovers and crowded shelf  space for awhile and my products may expire before I use them.

On the other hand, there is something tranquil  about shopping at my local market, buying just what I need, using local products and having just enough.  I find that I become more creative in the process of using my groceries.  Where there is less, there is more.

In my life, stripping down a situation to the core and demystifying the facts takes me to a whole new level of simplicity.   I bring forth some kindling.  I start a new fire.  I decide how I want to feed it.  I design a process with the ingredients I have.

I decide what is enough.

I decide that I am enough.

I hunker down and breathe into the already established credibility I have established.

I invite in the new.  I incorporate the parts of my past that feed my future.

When we call upon our warehouse of experiences,  they take us into a complex process and we are oh so glad that we can call upon so much activity to create a richer way.

It is also true that compounding a few rich convictions can create a profound calling.

All of it works.  It is just the deciding of what fits where that creates value for us.


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12 years ago

Well said!

12 years ago
Reply to  Diane

Thank you, Diane.

12 years ago

So much wisdom.

12 years ago
Reply to  Evana

Thank you, Evana. I am so glad that you agree!

Kathy Hoyer
12 years ago

Equanimity…the cultivation of what is just enough and what is too much or too little.
This feels so good to my soul.
Thank you Ellen for these words of wisdom.
xox k

12 years ago
Reply to  Kathy Hoyer

Kathy, this is the time, don’t you think? With the plethora of choices and the “sales” that come to us at this time of year, knowing that sitting by a fire with a good friend may just be the ticket. And the value of that is far beyond any material object. And may be enough.

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