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Eyes Wide Open

Taking a magnifying glass to my life and getting it, really getting it, just the way it is, takes me deep into my reality and a power spot.  Yes, a power spot.

Why, you might ask? Because seeing and knowing what is there without resistance is powerful.  Resistance and judgment hold hands and the handshake that emerges can keep you fixed in place.

Eyes that are wide open reveal a picture, an enormous screenplay, written by no other than ourselves.  Eyes that are wide open see everything and do not edit or provide input.

The actors travel between scenes and incidents.  The movie is ours.  The kernel is to be and remain our own director.

Life has sequences:  event after event, feeling on feeling, until the activity becomes a drama.  When the magnifying glass reveals the details and their order and the microscopic elements that makes them events, clarity surfaces.

With your magnifying glass, you will be able to see the deeper threads of your heart and the occasions of your life. Celebrate everything: your victories and your vulnerable passages.  Experience acceptance and humility and the benefits of examination with compassion.

And then, start charting your course to move more deeply and completely into your next step.  Your future is there, waiting to be released, wanting to provide the pavement for your steps.  When you do  this,  you will start flying at a different level. You will need a different aircraft, more experienced pilots and a more seasoned  crew.  Gathering the forces around you to support your flight gives you the tools to create a new frontier.

When your eyes are wide open, and your explorations lead you deeply into the collage of your life, your vision rises up and the cradle for your next endeavor begins to be crafted and explored.  Who and what fills the cradle is your choice.

As you power up, get on board, fasten your seat belt and move into lift-off, know that all of who you are put you in your seat.  You are about to write yet another chapter in your life and be the author of your destiny.  You hold the power.


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Dale Dillon Lips
12 years ago

Very nice perspective.

12 years ago

Thank you, Dale, for using the key word in your comment: Perspective. You got the gist. We come to everything with our perspective and choosing the positive with ourselves with the knowledge that perhaps we could have made different choices, but including it all, is the purpose of this entry. We are the totality of all of our actions and words; we can always start fresh.

Chris Hazen Molina
12 years ago

Great post Ellen and a reminder of my own power!

Kathy Hoyer
12 years ago

The courage to examen the unfolding truths of our life, with out judgment…good or bad, and with compassion….as they say….the Truth will set you free.

Oh Ellen, thank you for this gentle call to action!

Terri Stark
Terri Stark
12 years ago

Beautiful and from your heart! Great post El!

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