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One Perfect Thing

At this time each year, I buy the cooking magazines I love and make a special time to sit and enjoy them.  I read through them, make notations and then I cook all the things I dearly most love the way I always do.  But I love that I honor the timing of this one perfect thing I give myself.  Sometimes I adapt the new recipes into my old ones, but mostly, I just love reading and seeing what others interpret as seasonal dishes and I appreciate the new twists they suggest.

You may love the way you line up your special things, drive to work, make your cranberry sauce, wear a white sweater or pucker up your lips for a kiss.  All that matters is that you do it.  It is yours.

Uniqueness starts from the deep waters of yourself. You are there.  You are in it.  You are unique. No one can do it exactly like you.

Let it work for you.  Let it resonate right on through you and share it.  Will you?  It only makes the world you travel in a better place.

I was in a very crowded parking lot yesterday and people were waiting, many, to get into my lane and I started to let them in.  One, then two.  And then I proceeded to the exit.  I noticed that the people who I had let in were letting others in.  And so it goes…

Do the one perfect thing for yourself.  I think that giving myself  time to savor what is meaningful only to me opened up a space to let those cars in.  I feel, deeply, that each time I caress myself in the wonder only I can create, my heart pumps with satisfaction.  It helps me to be more connected to others as I connect with myself.  It allows me to find a space to let cars in my line in a crowded parking lot.  It reaches further than I can know.  It is my idea of perfection.


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Chris Hazen Molina
12 years ago

Beautiful Ellen! Your words have a way of touching my heart every time. Enjoy the warmth of all that is deeply yours during this holiday season!

12 years ago

Thank you, Chris, and I hope that you do your “one perfect thing” this holiday season!


Kathy Hoyer
12 years ago

I so relate to the deep satisfaction of just being gracious to someone you don’t know for just a moment. It is the acknowledgment that we are all part of the same family and it feels good. It feels REALLY GOOD when you see the natural ripple effect it has on those around you to also be a little kinder, more patient, more loving.

Such a sweet observation and inspiration!

12 years ago
Reply to  Kathy Hoyer

HI Kathy,

Yes, and further, I am thinking that the graciousness shows up from within the generosity that we give ourselves. I remember being short a few quarters at the grocery store years ago and the person in back of me giving the clerk the money. It was so unexpected as was my being short of the change and it all shook out just beautifully. I never forgot it and have done the same for others. That modeling of consciousness from the person in the line in back of me created the forwarding I found in myself for someone else.



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