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The wonderful thing about layers, living in them,  going through them, removing them,  is that it gets you to the bones.  The bones of a situation, the bones of a home, the bones of a life.

There are bones to a house.  Deep beneath the outer structure, lies the bones.  It is the way that the bones are assembled that shape the strength of your house.

Your life is like a home.  Keeping your life in order, going through the layers, organizing your thoughts, categorizing your experiences and deciding what layers to keep, what layers to disburse, takes you right down to the bones of your life.

Therein lies the marrow, the succulent strength of what makes you who you are.

I used to watch my grandmother suck the marrow out of the bones at the end of  a meal.  I didn’t understand that she was going for the rich moistness of the inner layers.  She was going after the depth.  She was right there with nourishing her inner fiber.

The bones of your life, the bones of your house, the bones of a situation all have one thing in common.  They are held together by tenderness.  The inner tender of the bone blends with the strength of the outside covering.  Both are one.

Our layers are a part of who we are.  It is the bones that hold our resurrection and direct our transcendence.


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Terri Stark
Terri Stark
12 years ago

Bravo El!

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