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The Other Side of Close

The other side of Close is Apart, the place where we go to dissect things, to be alone, to think, to ponder, to protect.

It is a place where we are solitary, where we are trying to source how to be near. Nearer, perhaps, to ourselves, in our own right, in our own clothes.

Apart can serve us as it reveals how we want to be close, touch, meld with others.

Apart can prepare us to be connected in an authentic way.

It can be the preface to intimacy and new beginnings.

Trust your Apart.  It is the path to Close.


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12 years ago

Ellen – good food for thought. Thank you. – De

Kathy Hoyer
12 years ago

Ellen, this is a beautiful description of the opposites with in each of us. the two sides of the coin that we each are.

susan smith
12 years ago

Awesome thinking material, my friend!

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