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Always Remembered Nourishes the Heart

Every year during the holiday season,  I get a gift from one of my advisors I worked with in the 90’s.  It makes me feel special  that she always remembers our relationship and the time we spent together.  At that time, I was vulnerable and scared and needing a strong advocate for professional and personal changes. She was right there with my favorite coffee, incredible materials and her wisdom and caring.  Our two-hour sessions have impacted me throughout my life’s journey and when I get this package from her each year, it reminds me of her effectiveness and my adaptability.

When one is remembered over time, it embeds a message of worthiness.  Consistency of caring is an art.  It takes effort and consciousness.  It takes two:  a giver and a receiver.   In this example, I am honored to be the receiver and grateful for the giver.

As the year draws to a close, I am thinking of the rhythms of my life that are always there and keep my feet on the ground, my heart open, my soul vibrant.

And I am grateful to be remembered, acknowledged  and cared for over time.


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Terri Stark
Terri Stark
12 years ago


Kathy Hoyer
12 years ago

what a gift! to be remembered!

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