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The Conversation of Your Life

Transitions.  We are all in them, with them, going through them, celebrating them.

I am in profound change this year and witnessing  many people around me also in change.  I am an empty nester now, my adult children are living in an apartment on their own, my nieces and nephews are in careers, school, jobs, moving themselves along, my immediate family is adjusting to physical changes that require a different skill set to celebrate life each day and I have moved into a new home.

When I moved into this new home, I had to sift and sort and organize.  I left things behind, I brought things forward and I replaced old, worn possessions and habits.  I could not resettle some of the things I had lived with for so long, I could not and will not repeat patterns that did not enhance me; this has affected my entire life.  I have recreated myself.

In this whirlwind of observing change and being change, it has helped enormously to be in conversation about it because this is the conversation of my life.  Designing my future  puts me right into my mind and heart.

Profound change affects everything, including our personal, private, social and professional life.  If you would like to engage with others who are experiencing change or want to bring change forward, who want effectiveness at the core of their life and the synchronicity of heart and mind, who want their bodies to be strong and sing anew with  commitments and ideas, then join me.  I will be offering an event on January 14, 2012 at the Lodge at Ventana Canyon in Tucson, Arizona that will provide an environment and a population that listens, delights and embraces all of who you are right now and all of who you want to be.  Talk about it, engage with others and build a new foundation for your ideas and plans. Please email me at ems.spirit@gmail.com for detailed information.

Come and have The Conversation of Your Life.

Let’s transition to the next step in our lives together.  Ascension. Transcendence. More.


Ellen Schneider



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Chris Hazen Molina
12 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing about you and your life 🙂 Change isn’t always comfortable, but we grow so much when we do. Blessings and much love to you dearest Ellen!

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